Making Sense of Information

We help people understand data which is complex, large or requires thoughtful analysis. Some common areas we work in include:

  • Customer Analysis - Who are your most profitable customers or donors? What do they have in common?
  • Questionnaire Analysis - Including statistical analysis, graphs/visualisation and reporting
  • Reporting Systems - Automatic generation of up-to-the-minute reports from your latest data
  • Data Processing - Transferring data between different systems, recoding data, exporting information to Excel spreadsheets etc.

The techniques we use include:

  • Traditional Statistics - Getting an overview and ensuring you can tell what's really relevant
  • Data Visualisation - See the trends and patterns in information using clear and specialised graphics
  • Data Mining - Easily understandable summaries such as tree diagrams. Predictions such as estimating a customer's lifetime value.

See our blog for the latest examples of our work.

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